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Fostering Excellence, Honouring Tradition.


Delivered in partnership with tertiary providers and industry leaders we offer fully-funded Māori trade and health training programmes to empower the next generation of Māori learners to succeed as future industry leaders.

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He Toki is dedicated to cultivating a future where skills, leadership, and Māori values intersect to shape empowered individuals and communities. Rooted deeply in our cultural heritage, we embrace the wisdom of our ancestors as we equip learners with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in trades and health professions.

Who can apply?


He Toki is available to Māori learners between the ages of 16 to 40 years, including school leavers, unemployed individuals, and those seeking career advancement or a change in their professional path.

What does it offer?


A scholarship to cover your tuition fees for the duration of your chosen course, a Learner Support Fund to help with course related costs, and dedicated Māori support staff to support you on your journey.

What courses are available?


He Toki offers support for a range of courses across our partner institutions in construction, healthcare, infrastructure and more.


Reegan Lawton

Reegan Lawton is the CEO of Helix Global and the industry expert on the He Toki board.  Classified as a ‘pioneering organisation’, Helix is not like any other construction company, “the way we're doing it, and what we're doing is going to benefit New Zealand in the long-term,” and they’re taking He Toki with them.


Apply for a scholarship with
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